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Dalrada Technology LTD

Advanced Technology For the Green Energy and Semiconductor Sectors

Dalrada Technology Ltd. drives modern energy technology and advances global manufacturing capabilities through comprehensive solutions that deliver improved performance and efficiency.


About Us.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Dalrada Financial Corporation (DFCO), Dalrada Financial Corporation (DFCO), Dalrada Technology Ltd. is a UK-based company that drives modern climate technology and advances global manufacturing capabilities.

Our state-of-the-art facility in Livingston, Scotland, is home to high-tech companies that are leaders in unique commercial sectors.  Dalrada Climate Technology has offices here and the company’s heat pumps and cryogenic coolers represent climate technologies that improve energy efficiency and reduce negative climate effects. Deposition Technology (DepTec) is a manufacturer of thin film physical vapor deposition (PVD) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) systems for use in the semiconductor and research and development industries.


Dedicated Focus

Dalrada Technology Ltd. builds quality components, machines, and systems that meet the demands of a cutting-edge world. We deliver these advanced tools with complete confidence and full transparency.

System Design

Our in-house design team can design and develop custom systems to match any process requirements.

Upgrade Development

Through our robust innovations in systems design, we provide updates and upgrades for older equipment.

Global Presence

With manufacturing and support sites around the world, we offer global support to our growing customer base.

Cost Savings

Our products and services deliver significant savings and reduce operations and energy costs, helping customers reach Net Zero goals.


Projects Completed


Satisfied Clients


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Why Dalrada Technology?

It’s our job to ensure consistency and quality. We make it a point to fully understand client needs and requirements and we work collaboratively to provide the highest quality products and services.
Business Growth

Dalrada Technology Ltd. and our parent company, Dalrada Financial Corporation, provide strong, stable growth to ensure viable business partnerships.

True Value

Our advanced climate technology is specifically designed to save money while reducing energy usage, ultimately helping us reduce carbon emissions around the world.

Driving Excellence

We operate a continuous improvement program. That means we never stop innovating and offering these innovations to our clients.

Smart Experience

Our teams are highly qualified and experienced in all aspects of engineering, including mechanical, electrical, electronic, and software.

Timely Efficiency

We strive to adhere to strict deadlines to deliver a quality product on time and we work with clients along every step of the way to ensure timeliness.


With decades of experience, a diverse company portfolio, and a large customer base, our clients are assured of our positive work history and reputation.

Learn more about our revolutionary heat pump technology and start your energy transition now!


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Dalrada Technology Ltd
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Dalrada Financial Corporation

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